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hwp3-150x150Wedding invitations must include the necessary information, such as: the host line, request line, bride and groom line, date and time lines, location line, and reception and R.S.V.P. deadlines. The information for the guests to follow should tell them where the ceremony is taking place, if they need a hotel, bring a gift, whether there is a dinner or cocktail party to follow, and a call to action.

Your wedding invitations set the tone for the wedding, so if you’re having a very fancy and formal wedding the wording on your invitations must convey the formality of your ceremony. This means that you should be using the full names of the bride and groom (including the middle names) and if the parents are paying for the wedding their names traditionally introduce the marriage:

Mr & Mrs Doe along with Mr & Mrs Smith
cordially invite you to the marriage of
John and Jane

Do not repeat the last names of the engaged couple because those invited will know which person is the son or daughter from the last names on the host line. This type of wording insists on formality and will motivate your guests to act and dress formal at your wedding and reception.

If this type of wording is to stifling for you, there are many fun ways to word a wedding invitation, it all depends on your taste and if you versus your parents are paying for the majority of the wedding, because those who have put the most money into your wedding are essentially the hosts by nature of finances. Here are some fun suggestions for the variety of ways you can word an invitation.

If you and your groom are paying for the majority you can word the invitations any way you wish. Here’s an example of a funny worded invitation.

Sarah One and Joe Two
invite you to gawk and applaud
as they tie the knot at
Such’nsuch Place

Follow underneath with date and time and further instructions. You may need a second card for guests to send back with their response. You can even make this comical too if you wish:
{ } Accept with anticipation
{ } Decline with depression
{ } Number of delighted guests attending

If this is way too informal for you, you can go middle of the road with wording like this:

Sarah One and Joe Two
invite you to join them in celebrating their coming nuptials this
June 2, 2014

Follow with the time and place, and don’t forget the RSVP card. You can word that with a simple statement of accept, decline, and number of guests coming.

However, if you’re not the one paying for the bulk of the wedding, your invitations will need to reflect this by putting the parents who are paying for the bulk in the host line. If the parents are okay with a less formal approach you can word the invitation in this fashion:

Mr & Mrs Whoo
ask for your company in the festivities of marriage for their son (or daughter)
Brett (or Jill)
Jill (or Brett)
on Saturday, September 9, 2014
at the Elim City Church
at 3pm

Be sure to include the last name in the name line of the person whose parents were not mentioned in the host line. If both sets of parents are paying for the wedding, then you need to include both sets of names in the host line at the top and disregard adding last names of the couple who are to be married.

For a destination wedding you can word the invitations in such a way that you create excitement in your guests:

Grab your boarding passes and rejoice with
Holly Hobby and G.I. Joe
in Cancun, Mexico
as they say their wedding vows on the white sandy beaches of This Resort
on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 2pm.

Follow with all the necessary information about RSVP dates and flights and length of stay.

Just remember, the only way your wedding invitations will fail is if you do not communicate clearly to your guests what is expected of them, or where they are to show up and when. The worst thing would be to send invitations that are so hard to decipher that it causes your response rate to be inadequately low. Always spell check and grammar check your invitations if you’re doing them yourself. There’s nothing like “Let’s eat, grandma!” and “Let’s eat grandma!” On one hand grandma’s going to have a good night, on the other hand grandma should be scared witless!

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